Things to Know About the OVA Beach Tour

For beach athletes, the OVA Beach Tournament registration is an independent process. Beach athletes get to plan their own schedule. To help you we have details below. Milton Edge athletes please let us know if you have any additional questions by email ( and we will try to help.

Tournament Registration Process

Players registering for an OVA Beach Tour or Satellite event, register through the Member Registration System (MRS). This is different from the indoor season where the club will register the team for the tournament.

Upgrade MRS Membership for Beach

If you played OVA indoor club volleyball this season you will have been registered on the MRS and will have an MRS number on your profile. In addition, you will have paid an OVA Membership Fee. This is an annual fee that covers the period of September 1st to August 31st so it includes the beach season. To upgrade Login to your athlete MRS profile, and select Upgrade Membership on the left. Select Beach Player and Beach Recreational Player. Then you will be able to register for OVA Beach Tour and Satellite events.

If you did not play OVA indoor club volleyball this past season you will need to login as a new user in MRS with the OVA as either a Beach Competitive Member ($82.11) to play in OVA Beach Tour/Satellite, Ontario Championships and Volleyball Canada Nationals, or as a Beach Recreational Member ($10.91) to play in only OVA Beach Tour and Satellite events.

OVA Beach Events Calendar
Milton Edge is again hosting this summer multiple OVA Beach Tour 2021 tournaments, at our home courts, the Milton Sports Centre, beach courts. Click here for details and schedule and links to register.

Typical One-Day Tournament Day

Pre-8:30 Most players set-up their chairs/tent near the court they have been assigned to play on during pool play (be mindful, court assignments may change)
8:30-9:00 Both Partners Check-In
9:00 Players’ Meeting
AM – Pool Play
Lunch Break
PM – Playoffs – Single Game Elimination

Games are intended to start 10 minutes after the conclusion of the previous match on the same court.

Tournaments Fees

OVA Beach Tour Tournament Fees: $92 + HST for each team of 2 athletes

Ontario Beach OVA Beach Ontario or National Championship: $100-$150 depending on Age Group

Eligibility Requirements for Ontario(Provincial) and National Championships

Eligibility Requirement to Play Ontario Beach Championship: Each Partner must have played in 3 events (OVA Beach Tour, Satellites) including 2 OVA Beach Tour Tournaments. For 12U Girls and 13U Boys, the requirement is 2 events of which one must be an OVA Beach Tour Tournament.

Eligibility Requirement to Play in National Beach Championship: Each player must have played in the Ontario Beach Championship.


Players not currently playing a game are assigned to officiate and keep score for a game (usually in their pool or division). Please refer to the OVA Handbook on specific rules to playing OVA. For a complete set of rules, please refer to the FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules (most recent was approved 2016).

OVA Officials patrol the courts to provide guidance throughout the day.

Some Key Rules to Know

Court Size : 9 m x 9 m (for OVA 12U Girls and 13U Boys is 7m x 7m)

Net Fault: Touching the net is a fault

Position After Loss of Serve: For OVA 16U and below, last player on team to serve must receive serve on the right side of their partner.

Hand Setting Rule: OVA Handbook reads, “A player may have a double contact on their second contact when completing a set to their teammate using an overhand pass provided the ball has a trajectory perpendicular to the line of the player’s hands, shoulders, and hips (i.e. the player is being “square”) and the double contact involves only the hands.”

Please refer to the OVA Beach Players Handbook for more rules and details.


Coaching is defined as “giving advice, instruction and external assistance.” (So, includes parental guidance as well. Cheering encouragement and support is not only allowed but also recommended.)

Sideline Coaching:
Only allowed for 12U-16U (all tiers and divisions)
For 18U only at Championship, Challenger, Trillium divisions (first 4 events only) (ie: No coaching at Premier)

Coaches must identify themselves to all parties at the match and name included on game sheet. Any person wishing to act as a coach, may be required to update their role on the NRS to state “Beach Coach” and sign a sheet at the OVA tent prior to coaching a match.

Coaches cannot call timeouts. During a match, a coach can only speak with players during timeouts. No coaching allowed during play and during side switches. Needless to say, sign language and non-verbal signals is not allowed.

Warm-Ups: Coaches cannot be on the court during warm-up (Please note: parents are not allowed on the court during warm-ups as well).

Coaching may only occur in designated coaching area and at player’s request.

In Case of Rain/Poor Weather

In case of rain, the matches continue. If play is halted for safety reasons (such as lightning), players are to remain at the tournament site until 4 pm but away from the trees such as in cars or shelter within hearing range of the main OVA tent. Play resumes 15 minutes after the “Return to Play” horn.

Post-Tournament Results

The results for each tournament are posted on the OVA website. The rankings are based on points earned.

OVA Resources

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