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What is Milton Edge?

Milton Youth Volleyball Club – Home of Milton Edge is an incorporated non-profit, volunteer led organization. It was founded to promote development and create competitive volleyball opportunities for youth in the Milton, Ontario area. The Club’s goal is to provide high level opportunities for qualified boys and girls to further develop, train and compete in the Ontario Volleyball Association.

Strength in Community

With its dedicated volunteers, parents and athlete community, it has grown from its inception in only 2015 to become the largest co-ed volleyball club in Halton.

Our Objectives


To promote and develop the game of volleyball by making it available and accessible to as many young people as possible.


To help young athletes develop character by providing opportunities for mental, physical, social and leadership development.


To promote fun, fitness, skills development, team play, and healthy competition.

Our Pillars

Coaching Excellence

Coaching Excellence is a set of behaviours that guide and motivate young athletes to work towards high levels of athletic and team performance. When employed properly these coaching skills create an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to fun, friendship and athletic excellence.

Personal Volleyball Excellence for Club Athletes

Personal Volleyball Excellence for Club Athletes is recognition that every athlete has a unique set of talents. These talents can be developed into specific skills that high performance teams need. As competitive volleyball becomes more specialized, athletes can improve their specific volleyball strengths thereby contributing to team performance.

Teamwork Excellence

When a group of highly skilled athletes form a cohesive team, they often succeed beyond the sum of their individual potential.

Team Coaches

John Canjar – Technical Director and 13UG Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

As an NCCP Level 2 coach, Coach John has been in the world of volleyball for over 35 years. He is a well known beach and indoor player, having… Read more

Gus Tsiapalis – President and 13UB Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

As an OVA Advanced Development Beach Coach and NCCP level 1 Coach, Coach Gus has been involved in playing and helping grow beach volleyball in Canada for over 30… Read more

Haiqi “Chi” Liu – Beach Director (2020 Season)

Haiqi “Chi” Liu served as Director for the Milton Edge Beach Volleyball Program for Summer 2019. Chi planned, oversaw and delivered the Elite, Elite Plus and Premier… Read more

Jeremy Stevens – 15UG Platinum Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

Jeremy is is excited to be continuing coaching at Milton Edge, the 15U Platinum Edge Girls team. He has been with Milton Edge since… Read more

Stuart Hooper – 16UB Razors Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

Stuart is very pleased to be part of the Milton Edge Razors 16U boys team as Head Coach. He developed his love for the game starting at 13 years… Read more

Jack Cabral – 15UG Platinum Assistant Coach (2019/20 Season)

Jack’s love for the game started when he was in grade school, and followed him thoughout high school and College. He wanted to pass… Read more

Ipan Hayar – 15UG Iron Edge Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

Ipan’s experience with volleyball started 15 years ago in fifth grade when she decided to try out for her school’s volleyball team to avoid having recess in the rain…. Read more

Raphael Lloren – Coaching Director and 15UB Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

Raphael is a recently certified Volleyball Canada Performance Coach in Indoor Volleyball and is a trained Advanced Development Coach for Beach Volleyball.  He is the Coaching Director at Milton… Read more

Linnéa Davis – 14UB Lightning Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

Linnéa’s passion for volleyball started 14 years ago when she started playing volleyball at her elementary school. From there she played volleyball for her high school and club teams,… Read more

Jeff Wang – 14UG Head Coach (2019/20 Season)

Jeff is joining Milton Edge after assistant coaching University of Toronto Mississauga Women’s and Men’s Volleyball team. He is a trained Development Coach Level 1, with over 10 years… Read more

Executive Committee

  • President: Robert Bishop (
  • Vice-President: John Canjar (
  • Treasurer: Kendra Bertuzzi (
  • Parent Representatives: Tanya Taylor (
  • Secretary: Jacqueline Tsiapalis (
  • Club Directors

    • Beach Volleyball Director: Gus Tsiapalis (
    • Community Outreach Director: Madhavi Bishop (
    • Fundraising Director: vacant
    • Uniforms and Fanwear Director: Madhavi Bishop (
    • Tournament Director: Mario Bertuzzi (
    • Communications Director: Sara Darwish (
    • Social Director: vacant
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