Milton Edge Club 2018/19 Season Welcome

This was a huge Milton Edge Welcome Night! Our biggest one yet. To launch the 2018/19 Competitive Season, all 11 Edge teams, athletes, coaches, assistant coaches and families attended. New Milton Edge President, Gus Tsiapalis, who also coaches the 15U Boys Razors Team, and has been Edge’s Beach Director since the Clubs inception, started out the evening with a toilet paper volleyball competition, followed by Edge’s Club highlights from last season presented by Edge’s Technical Director, and coach of the 16U Girls Fierce Team, John Canjar. Edge’s new Coaching Director and certified Volleyball Canada Performance Coach in indoor volleyball -Raphael Lloren, who is leading Edge’s 13u Girls and Boys teams this season presented next, followed by Edge’s much loved Development Director, Michael Cameron.

To close out the evening, Beach Volleyball Olympian Martin Reader shared how he first met Club President Gus Tsiapalis, when Gus helped him prep his ‘head’ for the 2012 London Olympics. Martin shared his vision of creating lifetime champions in sport and in life beyond the ball, and his excitement to work along with Milton Edge to help our athletes, our teams, and our club in our clubs longterm vision.