Edge 14u Girls Platinum Finish 3rd in Division 1 @ Rochester NY VolleyFX Tournament!!

The 14U Girls Platinum travelled to Rochester, New York, to compete in the Hocus Pocus 14U VolleyFX 2 day Tournament. They had a strong 1st day finish, 1st in pool play, winning 7 sets, 1 set lost to make 3 match wins and 1 match tie. Platinum then closed out the day sitting on the top of the repool with one match to go before playoffs. Day 2 began with a great start with the 14u Edge Platinum girls winning their last pool play, to enter the Division 1 quarterfinals in 1st place.

The girls won their quarterfinal match with a touch gritty win, dropping the first set with a big come back to close it out! The semifinals were a tough fight, going to 3 sets, with an 11-15 loss in the 3rd. The 14u Platinum girls finish a strong 3rd place in Division 1, of their 1st US tournament!!