Medal Haul!!

With three gold medals and a silver in one day, Halton is witnessing a rise of a new medal threat in the OVA. The Milton Edge started 2018 with several outstanding performances from its teams and last Saturday the club captured 4 medals in one day.

The winning started with 15u Fierce Edge Girls playing in the 16u Girls Challenge Cup (Trillium C) held at Brother Andre High School in Markham. The Fierce girls were flawless, winning all their matches. Given the team confidence, their incredibly tough serving and great pass-receive techniques, the GOLD medal match was almost a forgone conclusion, with the Edge girls winning 2-0. The standout blocking and net play of Aislinn Pederson, the outstanding setting by Zoe Tsiapalis and key serving streaks by Sarah Mandel and Lilah Parn all contributed to the team’s victory.

In Kitchener at the 14u Boys McGregor Cup (Championship B), the Edge produced yet another undefeated team. The 14u Razors Edge capped off their perfect day by defeating MAC 14u boys in 2 straight for their first gold medal for 2017/18 season. The team did an outstanding job of working hard together while keeping their calm throughout the day. Led by setters Isaac Wilisewski and Jaten Mahil who showed amazing skills, the team was able to consistently attack, while at the same time winning multiple points from the service line. Max Tsiapalis, Sam Nissan, Noah McDonald & Marko Nedev’s amazing performances, along with the outstanding contribution from brothers Rahmane Ouattara and Rahim Quattara helped to lead led the team to victory.

Finally, those spectators who came out for the 13u girls McGregor Cup (Trillium B) at MDHS also witnessed another club first – an all Milton Edge final between the 13u Iron Edge and 13u Platinum Edge girls teams!!

Going into the tournament the Iron Edge girls were seeded 1st and the Platinum Edge girls 2nd. The pre-tournament seeding’s would prove accurate as both teams benefited from strong pool play and playoff performances to make it to the finals. In the gold medal game, the Iron Edge girls, led by Sara Harland, Alex Bakk, Maya Cunningham and Julia Dunham, held on to defeat the Platinum Edge girls 2-1. The Platinum Edge girls were led by Emma Cabral, Sarah Lamers and Sarah Lusignan (this is the second consecutive weekend securing a medal for this team after taking bronze last week in a 14u tournament).

The club is grateful to have a group of enthusiastic and skilled coaches dedicated to helping our teams reach their goals. Specifically, the club thanks and congratulates the following head coaches: John Canjar (15u Fierce girls) Gus Tsiapalis (14u Razors), Shane Kilgour (13u Iron girls) Jeremy Stevens (13u Platinum girls).