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Question/Answer Repository

Is there a preference for sublimation on court uniforms? A: Sublimation is preferred but we would also like to see options for non-sublimated court/game jerseys.

What embellishments are required, club logo, numbers, sponsors etc.?  A: Club logo, number, athlete last name, and possibly a sponsor logo.

What age of athletes are involved in the club for the purpose of sizing? A:  Ages 11-17, both girls and boys

What date will expected delivery be required by? A: Ideally uniforms would be delivered within 4 weeks of sizing. November 1 would be the absolute deadline. Practice shirts, if possible, should be delivered within 2 weeks of sizing.

When would athletes /club members be ready for accurate sizing: A: For the 2018-19 season, we anticipate sizing day to take place weekend of Sept 22/23 2018. There is also the possibility of late additions who would be sized on an ad hoc basis.

Do you have a preference of colours that you wish to see flow through all of your teams for continuity and brand the Edge Volleyball Club through the design process. A: We are not married to the logo colour scheme and would entertain other design/color variations (excluding predominately red or orange uniforms)