Updated August 2017

If you love volleyball and wish to take your game to a higher level of competition, while enjoying and contributing to a team, then Milton Edge is your Club to do so in Milton. Our vision is to offer the best training for our athletes and set a high standard of work and dedication.
Tryouts take place between Sept 8th and 16th. For the 2017-18 season, it is our intention to offer 11u, 12u, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, and 17u teams for girls and 12u, 13u, 14u and 15u for boys. The number of teams we are able to offer depends upon the quantity and quality of athletes and coaches for each age group. Click here for the tryout schedule. (Note – 11u girls and 12u boys tryouts will be held in November)
  • 11U – Born between September 1st, 2006 and December 31, 2007 (or later)
  • 12U – Born between September 1st, 2005 and December 31st 2006 (or later)
  • 13U – Born between September 1st 2004 and December 31st 2005
  • 14U – Born between September 1st 2003 and December 31st 2004
  • 15U – Born between September 1st 2002 and December 31st 2003
  • 16U – Born between September 1st 2001 and December 31st 2002
  • 17U – Born between September 1st 2000 and December 31st 2001
Yes. The cost is $30 per player. This fees covers all tryout sessions the athlete wishes to attend. Tryout fees are non-refundable and payable by cash or cheque (Milton Youth Volleyball Club). It is recommended that athletes pre-register for tryouts via our website.
Ideally you should come to every session, so that you have the best opportunity to showcase your skills. However, we want to encourage athletes to maximize the opportunities afforded to them by the OVA Tryout Window Policy, and “test-drive” as many clubs as they wish. If you must miss an Edge tryout session, just let us know in advance that you will not be able to attend. (info@miltonedge.com)
Bring your registration fee, volleyball gear (knee pads for sure!) and water. You don’t need to bring a ball. At your first tryout, you will receive a Milton Edge tryout t-shirt that you must wear and bring to subsequent sessions you attend.
Yes! Don’t cut yourself – force the coaches make those difficult decisions. Coaches – particularly with the younger teams – look for more than just pure volleyball skill (they are confident that they can teach their players what they need to know). You may actually find that you’re as good as any other player trying out – and better than others. Even if you are not selected this year, you will have a chance to learn at tryouts and find out what you need to work on for next year.
Per the OVA Tryout Window policy, athletes will receive either a hard copy or electronic letter, with the details of your offer. Offers received during the first week of tryouts are valid until Monday, Sept 18th.
The club volleyball season for Milton Edge starts with the tryouts in early September, with practices starting when the Velodrome and school gyms become available, in late September. The regular OVA season ends with the Provincials, typically in April. Some teams may also opt to attend Nationals in May.
We are an incorporated not-for-profit organization. As such, the club runs on a break even basis. Club fees will be determined by the by the number of teams and athletes as well as the number of tournaments a team is scheduled to enter during the season. Each athlete’s fees will go toward covering tournament registrations, practice space rentals, uniforms, coaches stipends, etc. More information will be available at our Open House on Sept. 6
13u and older teams play on average 6-8 tournaments during a season that include both OVA regular season tournaments, provincials and invitational tournaments. Teams are ranked based on their results in OVA tournaments. Most OVA tournaments are one day events, taking place on Saturdays. Provincial tournaments usually take place over three days.